Blog  Meet the Candidates- #NELections / Spring Boards 2021

Meet the Candidates- #NELections / Spring Boards 2021

Meet The Candidates

photo-1422036306541-00138cae4dbcIntroducing the candidates for NFTY-NEL's 2021-2022 Regional Board! We highly encourage you to read each candidate's letter of intent and become acquainted with their platforms. As you read, please be mindful that every candidate is a member of our community and should be treated as such throughout the elections process. Please also note that each candidate is qualified and has exhibited tremendous dedication by entering into this elections process. Again, we are pleased to announce the candidates for the upcoming year's Regional Board and we can't wait to see you at Spring Boards March 12th-13th.

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Candidate for President

Eli Sol is a junior at North Toronto C.I., and goes to synagogue several times a  week to run TYG events, teach Hebrew school, and attend services. Because Eli  is a faculty brat, he has been going to Camp George since he was a year old,  and was inspired to serve as HABSTY president for 2 years running. He enjoys  playing basketball, music, visiting relatives in the U.S., and spending time with  friends.

Letter of Intent

Candidates for Programming Vice President

Raleigh Arnopolin is currently in 11th grade at Solon High School in Cleveland, Ohio. She is an active part of TEFTY as part of the Communications and Marketing and the Programming Committee. In her free time, Raleigh loves to bake, ski, and cheerlead for her school. She has also gone to Camp Wise for the past 8 summers and will be attending a leadership program in Israel. She is so excited to be running for PVP this year.

Letter of Intent

Candidate for Social Action Vice President

Annie Wyner is so excited to be running for Social Action Vice President! She is currently a junior (grade 11), lives in Cleveland, Ohio, and is a member of TEFTYShe has served for two years as an SAVP and Songleader for TEFTY, one year on the Social Action Fund Cabinet, and three years as a regional Songleader. She loves singing, reading, and coffee, and has spent the past 10 years going to Goldman Union Camp Institute. Her favorite food is soup (like literally any soup). She’d love to talk to you about music,or share some good recipes, and she can’t wait to see everyone at Boards!

Letter of Intent

Candidate for Religious and Cultural Vice President

Emma Wyner is currently in grade 11 and is part of Temple Tifereth Israel (TEFTY). She has served on her temple’s religious cultural committee and is also a regional songleader. In her free time she loves to play guitar and bake. Emma can’t wait to run for RCVP!

Letter of Intent

Candidates for Membership Vice President

‘Best hair’ award recipient and recognized as the coolest Weinmann, Aaron is an 11th grader from Buffalo. Attending City Honors, Aaron is the setter for his school's men's volleyball team and a varsity competitor in the Masterminds of WNY. He is the former Social Action Vice President and the former Temple Beth Zion board youth group representative. Aaron is the current Membership Vice President of TBAZY. He also strongly believes that otters are the niftiest of all the animals.

Letter of Intent

Harry Pressman is from FEISTEY in Toronto and is in 11th grade. He is elated to be running for Membership Vice President and loves movies and TV. He also loves video games and is a big fan of Marvel, the Office, and Star Wars. Throughout Harry’s two-and-a-half years in NEL, he’s served on the Programming Cabinet, he served as Treasurer for two years on his TYG board, and as G2G, a new role on the FEISTEY board.

Letter of Intent

Candidates for Communications Vice President

Nathan Weiss is currently in the 11th grade at Williamsville East High School. He is from TBaZY in Buffalo, NY and currently serves as their Communications Vice President. In his free time, Nate loves to play basketball, video games, run, and be with friends. Nathan is super excited for NEL and all the fun things our futures will hold!

Letter of Intent

Zara Greenfield is currently in 11th grade at Solon High School in Cleveland, Ohio. She is a lifelong member of Temple Tifereth Israel where she is an active member of TEFTY currently serving on the engagement committee and a 2 year madrachim. Zara expresses the concept of tikkun olam creating meaningful friendship with special needs individuals at Friendship Circle. In her freetime, Zara enjoys pole vaulting, playing with her dog, and treasuring her 9 summers at Camp Wise.

Letter of Intent