Blog  Welcome to the NFTY-NEL Blog 2020-2021!

Welcome to the NFTY-NEL Blog 2020-2021!

By Nikki Davis, NFTY-NEL Communications Vice President (CVP) 2020-2021/5780-5781

Hello NFTY-NEL! Welcome to our blog! In the past, this space was not used very often, but that is about to change. For the rest of the year (and hopefully the years to come) the NEL blog will be a resource for us to share about past events, upcoming events, and information about what’s happening within and outside of our region. We will also have guests (possibly like yourself!) write blog posts about different NEL-related topics. 

To kick things off, we recently had our very first NFTYx sub-regional event called, “Who Dunnit Havdalah.” This clue-themed service through Zoom was a great way for NELers in Cleveland to have some fun and get to see their friends. You may be wondering, what is NFTYx? NFTYx is essentially a new way of planning programs that helps to organize the planning and involve past NFTY alumni and regional/TYG advisors in the process. If you have any questions about it, feel free to reach out to a regional board member with any questions. Or, visit to learn more about how the program works. We would be happy to inform you further on what is happening in NEL. 

Aaand what’s going on up North, you may ask? Our friends in Canada (GTA) have recently had a few virtual lounge nights. Three of our TYG presidents teamed up to plan these awesome programs that ended up going super well. Can’t wait to see the pictures!

As for the members of our regional board, we have been working on board training through Zoom! It might not be the same as being in person with one another, but at least we have useful resources such as Zoom to communicate and interact with one another. For our board training, each regbo member plans a small, interactive program that allows us to get to know each other a bit more. This will help us in the future when we plan regional events for NEL. So far, our lovely Membership Vice President (MVP), Nathan Kaplan, planned a fun little program where everyone was asked the same question and then had to privately message Nathan with our response. Next, Nathan would put all of our answers on a doc and screen-share with us. We all had the opportunity to guess who's answer was whose and learn more about each other. The questions were things like: What would your perfect day look like?

Coming up: Each member of the NEL regbo will be taking turns doing Instagram takeovers starting tomorrow! Be sure to watch our insta stories to see. Anyway, goodbye for now, NEL. We’ll see you soon!