Blog  Looking for a fresh program idea? Look no further!

Looking for a fresh program idea? Look no further!


The long-awaited PROGRAM BANK is now available for any NFTY-NELer to use!

Maybe you’re planning your TYG’s Shul-In and you don’t know what to use for the program. Or you’re helping with a Regional Event and you need help crafting a mixer? Now you can use this easily accessible Google Drive resource to be inspired by old programs!

If you have a program you, your TYG, or your Region held for an event that went well, please don’t hesitate to send it to me! Just contact me at This link is available for ALL to view, but only members of the Regional Executive may edit. However, if you find a glaring issue or problem, please contact us and we will readily update it. Enjoy this and I hope I’ll see you at our NELections 2018 event March 22-24! (If you can’t go or are already registered, it wouldn’t hurt to register for our last event – Spring Kallah, April 28-30).

Click here to access the NFTY NEL program bank


Zachary Nosanchuk

Programming Vice President 2017-2018

NFTY Northeast Lakes